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WHAT A NICE BUOY!   2019-01-26     Pat Fleck

Four new access points for small pleasure boats have been launched along the Mar Menor.
Ramps along with marker buoys have been installed at Playas Honda, Los Urritias and Atalayon in addition to the Islas Menores.
The designated points will be marked as separate from bathing areas, and one of the benefits will be to stop damage to the seabed caused by the uncontrolled anchoring of boats.

Shoestring Half-Yearly Meeting   2018-09-25     Pat Fleck

The Half-Yearly meeting minutes are now available.
Click here for the minutes of the meeting.

How to rig the jib on the Topper Omega   2018-08-15     John Down

The new Omega arrived in great condition only missing a wire stay for the jib which we are at present sourcing. A temporary rope stay has been fitted but because the Omega has slightly more complicated pulley systems than our other boats you need to follow the video and make sure that the jib rope/stay is not twisting around itself at the top pulleys. That way you will be able to apply sufficient tension to the jib.
Click here for a demonstration.

Topper Omega Boat   2018-08-04     John Down

Shoestringers, on Monday we saw the Topper Omega Topaz for the first time and without doubt she looked impressive and with hardly a mark on her. We decided to leave unpacking and rigging her until Friday when more members were around. This took several hours and a few scratching of heads whilst looking at some outdated rigging instructions from 2014 ? We have certainly got good value with the very new looking Hyde sport sails with the fancy zip reefing system yet to be tested. Only the wire for mounting the jib to the roller reefing was missing and we had to use a rope as a temporary measure to complete the rigging as seen in the photos. Shes only about 15 ins or 400mm shorter than the gambas and at 1880 mm wide there is plenty of room for four people and on a calm day possibly 5 but we think 7 as stated in the spec sheet would be pushing it. At first glance there are a lot of ropes going in different directions and looks confusing especially the jib sheets but once on board and after a few minutes thought all becomes clear. First time out with four on board and it turned out to be a real blow and we can say without doubt she’s a wet boat maybe because she’s so wide the water is pushed up and over the bows to get you really nice and soaked however the bailing mechanism keeps the deck absolutely empty of water. The rudder wasn’t easy to get fully down but but after a few outings it should become easier, in the Topper video the guy demonstrating a launch pushes the rudder down with his foot as he gets on board from the rear. Both Tim and Steve had found it heavy on the rudder in quite brisk winds and waves until we realised the rudder had not pulled in fully to the hull by a couple of inches making it a lot harder work than it should have been once corrected the guys enjoyed a very “lively”and challenging sail and cannot wait to give it another go.

Topper Omega Boat   2018-07-28     Ingo Wilson

While we are awaiting the arrival of the new Topaz Omega dinghy you might want to check out this video kindly forwarded by Ingo. It shows how to rig the boat ready for sailing.
Click here for the video.
You can also view the video by selecting Links->Tutorials from the main menu above.

Number 1 on Google Search   2018-05-16     Pat Fleck

Still number one on page one in Google Search

Cartagena Boat Launch and Illegal Moorings   2018-03-01     Pat Fleck (Ingo WIlson)

Three/Four Mar Menor Boat Launches are planned in Cartagena
Click here to read the News Article.

Dinghy Sailing Training Videos   2017-10-02     Pat Fleck

For those of you who haven't heard. There is a bunch of very good teaching videos on Youtube regarding dinghy sailing.
You can view them here.

How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy   2016-11-05     Brian Murray and Norman Vener

How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy.
Click here to see a video created by Brian Murray and Norman Vener entitled “How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy.”
Brian and Norman are not saying that this is the definitive procedure to follow when rigging a Laser 2000, but they hope that you will find some useful tips to help you when rigging one of our Laser 2000’s.
You can also watch the video from our Tutorials Page at any time by clicking here