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RYA Certification   2021-05-31     Pat Fleck

The RYA has received confirmation that its International Certificates of Competence (ICC) and several of its course completion certificates and other Certificates of Competence remain valid for skippering Spanish flagged boats. The announcement comes following persistent and coordinated consultations through the UK Government with Spain’s General Directorate for Merchant Marine (DGMM).
The RYA raised concerns once it became clear that the UK’s status as a third country from 1 January 2021 meant that, in accordance with Spanish regulations, RYA certificates would no longer be recognised by the Spanish Government for use on Spanish flagged boats.
The RYA together with British Marine immediately engaged with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), the UK Department for International Trade and the British Embassy in Spain in an effort to make representations to the relevant Spanish Authorities regarding the impact of these new restrictions. An economic impact statement was prepared and provided to Spanish Authorities with the purpose to make clear the financial impact on the Spanish economy as a result of the changes to recognition.
Following reinstatement of RYA qualifications into Spanish law, RYA certificate holders will now be able to continue to skipper boats registered in Spain as well as in the UK.
The British titles now valid for sailing in Spain are as follows: RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence; RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence; RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of Competence; RYA Day Skipper; RYA Powerboat Level 2; RYA International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC).
Richard Falk, RYA Director of Training and Qualifications, commented: “The RYA will continue to work with the MCA, Department for Transport, and the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office and other industry partners, to ensure that RYA qualifications are as widely recognised as possible following the UK’s exit from the European Union."
To find out more about RYA training courses, visit the RYA courses and qualifications hub on the RYA website.

Omega Jib Collapse!   2021-05-13     Jack Moss

Another incident occurred with the Omega boat last Friday when the fixings at the top of the Jib came adrift which led to its collapse, when Tim on the helm was coming ashore.
Thankfully no one on the boat was injured and after an hour or so we had her repaired.
Finally, Paul Shard has kindly agreed to make new wooden horses for all four of our boats for their support whilst in Dry dock at CTD. Our thanks to Paul for this.

Shoestring Subs 2021   2020-11-23     Jack Moss

I have been aware that all through this year we have been unable to sail as much as we would have liked, due to the inability to travel to Spain, Lockdowns, and Territorial restrictions. Despite more optimistic reviews about various vaccines for covid 19, members may still be reluctant to travel and even now we still have territorial restrictions between regions in Spain. As a result of all this disruption, some of the members have written to me asking for a suspension of subs. until the restrictions are lifted. Equally some members have asked that our subs. are maintained at a similar level so that our overheads are covered into 2021. Your Committee has discussed all of the above in detail and has come to the following conclusion; From 1st January 2021, our single member's subscription including SAMM's subscription is reduced to 100 Euros. Equally, our family /dual subscription including SAMM's subscription is reduced to 185 Euros. Members, however, must understand that even if we do not sail our boats in 2021, there are standing charges such as CTD fees for boat-parks, Insurance, maintenance, etc. If a substantial number of members decide not to renew their membership we will need to consider selling or at least removing some of our boats from CTD onto a lower storage cost base. This would be taking a pessimistic view, as we are always trying to encourage more people to sail and enjoy the experience we have all enjoyed over the last 10 plus years, but if we reduce the number and type of boats we have, then the sailing group would be less attractive to us all with inevitable consequences. Our treasurer Vernon O'Byrne, will send you details of how to pay by bank transfer in December. However, as it takes time to receive all the subscriptions it would help your Committee enormously if you would advise me if you intended to renew for 2021 or not. Finally, I have also asked George Noden (Chair of SAMM) to consider a similar gesture in SAMM subscriptions and you may hear separately from the SAMM Secretary (David Hardwick) regarding this, but this will not affect my proposal regarding Shoestring subscriptions in this email. Please reply at your earliest convenience after you have considered your position for sailing in 2021. Jack Moss

Secure website link   2019-05-25     Pat Fleck

Please use this link to access the website and add it to your bookmarks or favourites list.

The state of the Mar Menor   2016-09-23     Pat Fleck

PRESENTATION BY JULIAN PERING. Julian had attended a meeting organised by Pacto por el Mar Menor. The aim of the meeting was to advise of the problems being experienced in the Mar Menor. Julian outlined the concerns which include widening the access to the Mar Menor allowing infiltration of ‘alien seaweeds’ to enter the inland sea. Imported sand and groins, uncontrolled fishing with nets, dumping of rubbish, run off from the agricultural land pouring pesticides and fertilisers into the sea. In addition illegal outlets have been established draining unspecified contamination. Some of these have been closed off and offenders are being prosecuted. The water has lost its clarity as witnessed by our own divers on occasions. The Albujon Rambla brings contamination from 40k in land. The level of nitrogen is at 20 times the recommended level. Other issues include jellyfish, the illegal wells and use of generator size desalination plants. Further information can be found here and there are opportunities to support the group.