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Secure website link   2019-05-25     Pat Fleck

Please use this link to access the website and add it to your bookmarks or favourites list.

Data Protection Act 2018   2018-04-30     Pat Fleck

In preparation for the new Data Protection Act that comes into effect on May 25th 2018, I have sent out emails to all members requesting permission to store your data in the Shoestring database.
There has been a good response so far but, I have received just 24 replies to my emails. If you want to retain your data in the Shoestring database, then you need to contact me at
Unfortunately I will have to remove all information apart from login and password for all unanswered emails.

Windows 10 S   2017-05-15     Pat Fleck

If you are thinking of buying a new Windows PC or Laptop this year which will come with Windows 10 S installed. Take 12 minutes to watch this video. It might save you a lot of grief plus £50.00
Click here to watch the video.

Damage to Uno Trailer   2016-12-06     Phil Roper

Hi each.
For those of you that may not have seen Tim's maintenance notification regarding the problem with the launch trailer cradle for UNO I copy below.
The maintenance section feel that the stress cracking that has occurred may be due to the trailer being loaded diagonally to the slipway with one wheel above the access ramps concrete lip and the other on the seabed which induces a twisting action on the trailer resulting in an unequal distribution of loading weight to the cradle with the resultant stress cracking.
To reduce any further possible stress cracking in the similar trailer cradle to Cuatro would all users in future make sure that the trailer has sufficient depth coverage to float the boat on and then retrieve the trailer at an angle of 90 degree to the beach to avoid any unequal distribution of loading on the trailer cradle.
The rear fibreglass mounding on the launch trolley is cracked and requires repair and reinforcement.
This damage is likely to have been caused when the boat was placed onto the launch trolley. The depth of water was too shallow and when the boat was not placed squarely and centrally to the frame. When the boat was pushed onto the trolley, too much weight was placed on the weak side structure of the frame.
This repair is likely to take some time to resolve due to Araez being closed due to illness and the forthcoming bank holidays. This repair will incur a cost as this trolley is no longer under guarantee.
Consideration needs to be given to adding a wooden or similar underframe, as on the original UNO trolley.

The state of the Mar Menor   2016-09-23     Pat Fleck

PRESENTATION BY JULIAN PERING. Julian had attended a meeting organised by Pacto por el Mar Menor. The aim of the meeting was to advise of the problems being experienced in the Mar Menor. Julian outlined the concerns which include widening the access to the Mar Menor allowing infiltration of ‘alien seaweeds’ to enter the inland sea. Imported sand and groins, uncontrolled fishing with nets, dumping of rubbish, run off from the agricultural land pouring pesticides and fertilisers into the sea. In addition illegal outlets have been established draining unspecified contamination. Some of these have been closed off and offenders are being prosecuted. The water has lost its clarity as witnessed by our own divers on occasions. The Albujon Rambla brings contamination from 40k in land. The level of nitrogen is at 20 times the recommended level. Other issues include jellyfish, the illegal wells and use of generator size desalination plants. Further information can be found here and there are opportunities to support the group.