the excellent videos of how to sail a dinghy

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the excellent videos of how to sail a dinghy

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Hi all,
I have been looking at the latest videos of how to sail a dinghy on our web page, they are very good but!
I can't say that I agree entirely with the rigging of the asymmetric spinnaker, Norman Vener have practiced sailing the laser 2000's with this type of sail ( great fun ) but in the video it shows two separate lines attached to the spinnaker and tied together in the middle with a reef not, this system seems to work in OK the video but the lines have to be very long to enable the sail to go out to its full extent, and that leaves a lot of unnecessary lose line underfoot in the boat.
Norman and I have tried this system but have discovered that one long line fastened circular through the ratcheting pulley wheels works much better, as the sail travels from one side of the boat to the other, it is automatically fed to the sail on the opposite side of the boat with no knots limiting the amount of travel on the line.
My advice is give both versions a try and see what suit you best.

Fair winds and warm waters
Brian Murray
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Re: the excellent videos of how to sail a dinghy

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Thanks for your input Brian.
Pat Fleck.
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