Leaving Shoestring

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Leaving Shoestring

Post by oakley-petts »

Hi All

I have no idea whether the news has percolated through to you all, but I have decided not to renew my membership at the end of this year. I have been a member almost since the start of the group when there were only 7 of us with one boat. I have had a great time as a member, made many friends and gone from being new to sailing right through to being a reasonably good sailor.

Having been a member of Deltania, Balaton, Cat and Mobo over the years as well as Shoestring I can say that I enjoyed Shoestring the most. All The groups were different of course, but I just found Shoestring the most enjoyable. It is certainly the easiest way to go sailing.

Now living in the UK, I did have the notion that I would be over a couple of times a year to enjoy a sail or two and go and watch the Reef Band, but for various reasons it just has not happened, and I miss it. However, I am very much enjoying my new life in Gloucestershire and do intend getting over to see you all and have a sail if anyone will take me! Getting old now so no capsizing.

My thanks to you all for helping me when needed and for just being a friend.

Take care
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Re: Leaving Shoestring

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I had heard that you were leaving the group Oakley. That'll be the second group you've had to leave, the Reef Band being the first. Shame but life goes on and I'm sure you won't be the last person to relocate back to the UK. If you can make it over to LA it would be great to see you again.
Good Luck with your new life in Gloucester :)
Pat Fleck.
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