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Alex Hall

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Dear Shoestringers,

I received the sad news that one of our honorary members Alec Hall passed away yesterday 26th Nov. You might not have met Alec as if my memory serves me right he only sailed with us one time, but had a massive input into the success of Shoestring. He was the person who gave to Shoestring his immaculate Mirror dinghy along with what was a near unused outboard engine. Alec was an engineer of the old school and ran a very successful Engineering company in the midlands, even on the day he gave us the Mirror dinghy he was feverishly working strengthening the back transom on which to fix the outboard.
Many of you may remember the Mirror he donated which being made of wood was a worry to us that it might deteriorate quickly in these sunny shores. That along with the fact none of us could with comfort duck under the very low boom led us to ask a very hard question of Alec. "Of course you can sell it if it helps the group", and so the money raised with its sale was put towards the purchase of the second laser.
I enjoyed his company and many of his stories when he was over in Spain, how he was "posted" during his call up on the River Nile, and he laughed when I said "Who you and general Gordon"? His pride and joy was his open top Mercedes sports car which was a special after his company had worked for many years with Mercedes Benz. I should have listened more to the one where his company and he personally rectified an engine fault for one of Britains' jet fighters that was being dubbed a lame duck until his solution.
I shall miss his white quiff, full head of hair and an enormous grin peeping over my garden gate.
We lost a good' n guys.

John Down.
Pat Fleck.

Re: Alex Hall

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Sorry to hear about Alex. I went to his house with John Down (Juan Bajo) back in the days when I was Chairman of the Group and Alex offered us his boat. Well his wife and son did really as they did not want him going out in it any more. So Alex came to Shoestring with his boat and an outboard engine. A very kind gesture and we thank him and his family.

I always remember taking Alex out for a sail and if I remember correctly we wanted to drop someone off onto Fefi but it was quite windy. I think Val and Gordon were with us. For some reason it took me three attempts to come alongside Fefi by which time Alex had had enough and wanted to go back! Bless him.
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Re: Alex Hall

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I met Alex a couple of times at CARR. We got on well talking boats etc...
What a true gentleman.
His legacy still lives in the mirror dinghy he gave to Shoestring.
I sold it to a man who lives in Sunderland who saw the advert, and wanted to teach his son to sail in a mirror dinghy. As his father taught him....
He rang me a few months ago. to say how much pleasure the boat has given to them both..

Happy capsizing in heaven mate...

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