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Medals decided as no more racing at Mar Menor Finn: When 2021-10-15. Time 11:00:00

The 2021 Finn World Masters on Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain, concluded on Friday with no more races possible due to light winds. With a difficult forecast the fleet was sent out in the hope of one final race, but after a brief hope was dashed, racing was abandoned for the day.
Valerian Lebrun, from France, had already secured the championship but went out anyway as he ‘was here for fun’. The 2019 European Masters Champion, Filipe Silva, from Portugal secured second overall, while the top home nation sailor, David Terol, placed third. These three were also the top three Masters for 40-49 year olds
. In the Grand Masters category, Laurent Hay, from France took the title he last won in 2017, from the Dutch pair of Peter Peet and Bas de Waal.
Greg Wilcox, from New Zealand, upgrading his old Finn for a modern charter boat this week, performed beyond his expectations to win the Grand Grand Masters, from France’s Marc Allain des Beauvais, from France, and former double World Masters Champion, John Greenwood.
Another former World Masters Champion from way back in 1988, Hans Fatzer, from Switzerland, won the Legends category in an incredible 35th overall for the over 70s, from Henk de Jager and Filip Willems, both from The Netherlands.
The greatest cheer was again reserved for the Super Legends. Richard Hart, from britain retained the title he won in 2019. Former Super Legend Champion, Pedro Jiminez Meifren, from Spain, was second with Joop Wuiyts third.
At a difficult time for sporting events, the local organisers have put on a spectacular show on and off the water. The seven races sailed were amazing, and the after race socials were extremely popular and quite special. The mid week dinner produced an incredible atmosphere of celebration respect and fun that everyone enjoyed and appreciated. The 108 sailors from 20 nations who made their way here experienced a beautiful week of sailing and hospitality and were more than happy they made the effort, with many going home full of enthusiasm for the next one.
The Finn Masters are extremely thankful that Murcia stepped in to host the event at short notice and look forward to coming back in the near future. To say it was a special event falls some way short. It was insanely fun and special.
Next year the Finn World Masters travels to Finland for the first time ever to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the Finn’s first appearance at the Olympic Games. It will be another great party for sure.
Final results after 7 races
1 FRA 111 Valerian LEBRUN MasterM 12
2 POR 21 Filipe SILVA MasterM 29
3 ESP 7 David TEROL MasterM 32
4 FRA 75 Laurent HAY Grand MasterM 35
5 NED 148 Peter PEET Grand MasterM 53
6 NED 29 Bas DE WAAL Grand MasterM 67
7 SUI 59 Simon BOVAY MasterM 81
8 GBR 74 Lawrence CRISPIN Grand MasterM 81
9 SUI 7 Christoph BURGER MasterM 86
10 NED 41 Karel VAN HELLEMOND MasterM 90

Valerian Lebrun wins Finn World Masters on Mar Men: When 2021-10-14. Time 10:30:00

The fourth day of the 2021 Finn World Masters on Mar Menor in Murcia, Spain produced yet more great racing, with Valerian Lebrun, from France, securing the title with a day to spare. He takes an insurmountable 17 point lead into the final day. Filipe Silva, from Portugal remains in second with Spain's David Terol in third. The race wins on Thursday went to Terol and Lebrun.
Some of the age categories are really close going into the final day. While Lebrun also has the Masters trophy sown up, the Grand Masters is led by Laurent Hay, from France. Peter Peet and Bas de Waal, from The Netherlands are close behind so the title will be decided in the final race.
Could it be any closer in the Grand Grand Masters, with just 11 points separating Greg Wilcox, from New Zealand, who has led all week, Marc Allain des Beauvais, from France, and John Greenwood, from britain? Hats Fatzer, from Switzerland, has taken the lead in the Legend category while Richard Hart from britain has already secured the Super Legend title.
Overall, while Lebrun has taken the championship, the remaining top 10 is still to be decided, and with six boats carrying letter or high scores, it is long way from being decided. Moving day keeps getting delayed to the next day, but Friday is the last day to move.
Results after 7 races
1. Valerian Lebrun, Masterm, FRA, 12
2. Filipe Silva, Masterm, POR, 29
3. David Terol, Masterm, ESP, 32
4. Laurent Hay, Grand Masterm, FRA, 35
5. Peter Peet, Grand Masterm, NED, 53
6. Bas De Waal, Grand Masterm, NED, 67
7. Simon Bovay, Masterm, SUI, 81
8. Lawrence Crispin, Grand Masterm, GBR, 81
9. Christoph Burger Masterm, SUI, 86
10. Karel Van Hellemond Masterm, NED, 90

Lebrun extends on high scoring Day 2 at Finn World: When 2021-10-12. Time 12:00:00

Bas de Waal, from the Netherlands, and Jesus Pintos, from Spain, may have won the races on the second day of the 2021 Finn World Masters on the Mar Menor, in Spain, but it was France's Valerian Lebrun who extended his lead after a 3,4 on a day when most of the front of the fleet put in at least one high score in the light and very difficult breeze.
Cloud cover for most of the day kept the temperatures lower than Monday, with a lot less wind at 6-10 knots. It was also really shifty with pressure changes across the race course bringing groups up the fleet and spitting some out the back.
After four races Lebrun has an 18-point lead from Terol, with Filipe Silva just three points further back. One race is scheduled for Wednesday, when the discard will kick in and change the landscape somewhat with many currently counting a letter or high score. Racing continues until Friday.
Results after 4 races
1. Valerian Lebrun Masterm, FRA, 9
2. David Terol Masterm, ESP, 27
3. Filipe Silva Masterm, POR, 30
4. Peter Peet Grand Masterm, NED, 35
5. Simon Bovay Masterm, SUI, 65
6. Christoph Burger Masterm, SUI, 67
7. Greg Wilcox Grand Grand Masterm, NZL, 72
8. Lawrence Crispin Grand Masterm, GBR, 84
9. Peter Overup Masterm, SWE, 85
10. Allen Burrell Grand Masterm, GBR, 96

Finn World Masters : When 2021-10-11. Time 11:00:00

Not everyone went out for Sunday's practice race at the 2021 Finn World Masters on the Mar Menor, in Spain, but those who did were treated to divine conditions ahead of what looks set to be a highly memorable championship. After the practice race the opening ceremony was held.
Over the last three days 108 Finn Masters have completed registration and measurement and indulged in a little sailing in fantastic conditions. While northern Europe is mainly bleak, wet and cold, southern Spain is still in the high 20s and the Finn Masters love it.
Sunday's practice race attracted most of the fleet to the warm, blue waters of the Mar Menor. The race team did a great job, laying on three starts, letting the third one go. In 8-10 knots of shifty breeze, Kristian Sjoberg, from Finland led around the top mark and down to the gate before sailing home. 35 boats actually finished the race, which was won by Germany's Andreas Gillwald from Spain's Juan Grau Cases and Sweden's Stefan Sandahl.
Racing begins Monday with eight races scheduled over the next five days. Watch the video here:

Valerian Lebrun leads after Finntastic opening day: When 2021-10-11. Time 10:00:00

Finn racing doesn't get much better than the opening day of the 2021 Finn World Masters on Mar Menor, in Murcia, Spain. With 12-18 knots of wind and in 25 degrees, two races were sailed in near perfect conditions. France's Valerian Lebrun took both race wins to take the early lead from Filipe Silva, from Portugal, and Anthony Nossiter, from Australia. 108 Finn Masters from 20 countries are taking part in the 50th Finn World Masters.
Reading the wind today was the key with frequent shifts and lots of pressure changes. Karel von Hellemond, from The Netherlands led at the top in Race 1, but by the gate Paul McKenzie, from Australia, had taken the lead. He maintained that lead at the second top mark but both Silva and Lebrun were close behind. Lebrun has just come from two years of training for Olympic selection and was clearly the best downwind, moving ahead of McKenzie on the final leg. Extending to the finish, he took the win, with McKenzie just holding off Silva to take second. After just two hours sleep following an overnight drive from the Sail GP in Cadiz, Nossiter crossed in fourth place.
Racing continues until Friday with six more races scheduled. Two more races are scheduled for Tuesday.
Results after 2 races
1. Valerian Lebrun, FRA, 2
2. Filipe Silva, POR, 5
3. Anthony Nossiter, AUS, 7
4. Karel Van Hellemond, NED, 10
5. David Terol, ESP, 11
6. Peter Peet, NED, 15
7. Christoph Burger, SUI, 19
8. Lawrence Crispin, GBR, 24
9. Greg Wilcox, NZL, 26
10. Bas De Waal, NED, 29

Windsurfing Championship : When 2021-10-08. Time 10:00:00

Windsurfing Championship on Playa Carrion Oct 8th - 10th.
The twenty-second annual windsurf competition in Los Alcázares is due to be held this coming weekend, from Friday October 8 to Sunday October 10.
Other events will include Slalom, Foil and children's wind surfing.

World Championship Finn Class : When 2021-10-08. Time 10:00:00

Sorry if you had planned a sail, there are no bookings allowed until the World Championship Finn Class has ended.
This event will be running from the 8th of Oct until the 15th

Group Sail: When 2021-09-29. Time 11:00:00

There will be a group sail this Wednesday for anyone who is interested.

Racing is Back!: When 2021-09-19. Time 10:15:00

Come and enjoy a SAMM race day. It is not very competitive and there will be a support boat in attendance (SAMM Whaly-rib)

Training: When 2021-09-17. Time 10:30:00

We intend to get out our buoys and do some race training going around a triangular course.

Picnic Sail: When 2021-09-15. Time 10:30:00

Depending on wind direction etc. we hope to get all boats out for a picnic sail. There is a chance of light rain in the morning but it is due to clear.

Picnic Sail: When 2021-07-21. Time 10:00:00

Picnic Sail. A full day out stopping off at unknown destinations around the Mar Menor. Just bring Water, Sun tan cream, Picnic, and headgear for a fun day out.

Skills Practise Day: When 2021-07-07. Time 10:25:00

Skills Practice Day. It's the first Wednesday of the month again and we plan to experience all points of sail by sailing around a triangular course. Di cannot be with us unfortunately as she has to return to the UK next week.

Picnic Sail: When 2021-06-23. Time 10:30:00

The proposed picnic sail which is open to anybody from SAMM, taking place next Wednesday 23rd June.
The plan is to sail to the Island Pediguera (we’ve been there before a number of times) starting from CTD, meeting there at 10.30am and being ready to sail at 11.00am.
Boats not stored in CTD could meet us in the water near the Balaton boat moored nearby or else sail independently to the island. Arrival is expected at around 12.30pm, depending on wind and direction.
It is essential to bring water, picnic, head gear and sun cream, together with any other luxuries you fancy enjoying (Brolly, chair etc), although sitting on the sand with a towel will work well!
It’s been a great day in the past, so I encourage you to take part.