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Racing is Back!: When 2021-09-19. Time 10:15:00

Come and enjoy a SAMM race day. It is not very competitive and there will be a support boat in attendance (SAMM Whaly-rib)

Training: When 2021-09-17. Time 10:30:00

We intend to get out our buoys and do some race training going around a triangular course.

Picnic Sail: When 2021-09-15. Time 10:30:00

Depending on wind direction etc. we hope to get all boats out for a picnic sail. There is a chance of light rain in the morning but it is due to clear.

Picnic Sail: When 2021-07-21. Time 10:00:00

Picnic Sail. A full day out stopping off at unknown destinations around the Mar Menor. Just bring Water, Sun tan cream, Picnic, and headgear for a fun day out.

Skills Practise Day: When 2021-07-07. Time 10:25:00

Skills Practice Day. It's the first Wednesday of the month again and we plan to experience all points of sail by sailing around a triangular course. Di cannot be with us unfortunately as she has to return to the UK next week.

Picnic Sail: When 2021-06-23. Time 10:30:00

The proposed picnic sail which is open to anybody from SAMM, taking place next Wednesday 23rd June.
The plan is to sail to the Island Pediguera (we’ve been there before a number of times) starting from CTD, meeting there at 10.30am and being ready to sail at 11.00am.
Boats not stored in CTD could meet us in the water near the Balaton boat moored nearby or else sail independently to the island. Arrival is expected at around 12.30pm, depending on wind and direction.
It is essential to bring water, picnic, head gear and sun cream, together with any other luxuries you fancy enjoying (Brolly, chair etc), although sitting on the sand with a towel will work well!
It’s been a great day in the past, so I encourage you to take part.