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Welcome to Shoestring Group. We are a shared ownership, dinghy sailing group, with welcoming and friendly members.

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Shoestring Group was formed initially in 2006/07 to enjoy dinghy sailing in Southern Spain as a boat share group for 10 members co-owning a Wayfarer dinghy, and led by two former Members. They purchased and renovated the dinghy and named it “Shoestring”, and became pioneers in this area of boat share. After some experience in the Wayfarer, which was an old one, the Group decided that it was unstable in certain circumstances and it was decided to buy a new boat.

It decided to buy a new ‘Gamba’ day boat (built locally in Los Alcázares by Araez) which would seat 5 people comfortably. The Group was reformed by increasing the number of Members to 22 and retaining the name “Shoestring Group”. At the AGM in 2011, the membership limit was increased to a maximum of 40, although generally vacancies arise each year around January. Aspiring members can be placed on a ‘Waiting List’ and achieve membership immediately or once a place becomes available.

The Gamba (a 17 foot day boat for a crew of 5) was ordered, purchased and commissioned by some of the key group members at that time. The old Wayfarer was then sold and the new Gamba, named “Shoestring Uno”, was launched in January 2008 at the CTD slipway in Los Narejos, Los Alcázares. It has since seen regular use by Members and their guests and the size of our fleet has increased accordingly with the growth in membership.

The Group now has two Gambas. (Uno and Cuatro), one ‘Laser 2000'.(Dos), and a Topper Omega Topaz.(Tres), – all stored in the CTD boatyard. The Group has a ‘sailing day’ every Friday at the CTD slipway and subject to decent weather, newcomers can meet other Members and may get a chance to join a sail and be part of a crew. Any interested newcomer just needs to be at CTD Slipway around 11.00 and speak to one of our Members (look out for the yellow SAMM Lanyards and occasional purple “Shoestring” polo shirts and the purple sided dinghies).