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Shoestring Committee Meeting 13th Oct 2017   2017-10-18     Pat Fleck

The Shoestring Committee Meeting 13th Oct 2017 minutes are now available. Click here to view the document.

Visit Alicante for the VOLVO Ocean Race   2017-10-12     Tim Clarke

Volvo Ocean Race. The event Race Village opens Wednesday 11th October at 8pm, with entertainment, ceremonies and fireworks. The village is open until the the start of the Volvo rOcean Race.. The teams are expected to arrive beginning in the pre-dawn hours on Thursday, ahead of practice racing on Friday and the MAPFRE in-Port Race Alicante on Saturday. This should be a good day out, and an ideal opportunity to see the professional at close quarters. You may even pick up a few tips. It may also be the last time the race starts in Alicante. for some time. Leg One of the Volvo Ocean Race starts on 22 October. The above information is from

Dinghy Sailing Training Videos   2017-10-02     Pat Fleck

For those of you who haven't heard. There is a bunch of very good teaching videos on Youtube regarding dinghy sailing.
You can view them here.

Shoestring Interim Meeting Minutes from 20/9/2017   2017-10-02     Pat Fleck

The minutes from the Shoestring Meeting held on 30th Sep have now been released and uploaded to the website.
You can view them here.

Farewell Gordon Love R.I.P.   2017-07-09     John Down

Today Sunday 9th of July Several members of Shoestring and the Mobo group made their way across to Rojales crematorium to pay their respects to Gordon's wife Winnie and her family after the sudden passing of Gordon on Friday. The funeral was well attended by family and friends of Gordon with some having to stand in the reception hallway as all the seating was full. The service was carried out in both Spanish and English and with a slide show presentation of photos from throughout Gordon's life. The first photo was very striking of a young Sargent in his army uniform smiling broadly and ready to take on the world. Other photos went through various stages of his army career and very smart he was, and then onto his meeting with Winnie to marriage and then to his children and then to his grandchildren, obviously his pride and joy. During the service his many activities were mentioned and of course Shoestring and SAMM were part of his interests. Special mention was to Kath and Phil who probably sailed the most often with Gordon in the recent times. Kath presented a condolence card to Winnie on behalf of all Shoestring members as did Paul on behalf of SAMM.

The Little Red Boat   2017-06-12     Pat Fleck

We have been kindly given a small Sailboat which we will call Shoestring 5.
We intend to berth it in front of CTD on a swing mooring. The boat will arrive next Friday for us all to have a sail in her.
Whether to keep her or not will depend on the use it gets and how easily it sails but no doubt it will be a more stable boat than the faster Lasers and may suit some of our members. Please use CINCO to record use in our booking diary on our Website.
So come down next Friday and give it a go.

Finance Reports for the 2017 AGM   2017-05-14     Vernon O'Byrne

The Cash Budget and the Finance Reports are now ready to view in the Members Forum
Click here to access the reports.

Minutes of Shoestring Committee Meeting at CTD   2017-04-30     Jack Moss

The Committee meeting minutes have been published.
Click here for the committee meeting minutes from 28-April-2017.

Shoestring Agreement and Operational notes are now   2017-04-15     Phil Roper

The proposed Shoestring Agreement and Operational notes are now available for preview before the 2017 AGM
Click here for a preview.

A Big White Duck.   2017-02-02     Tim Clarke

Some of you may remember when a white swan stayed over winter on the Mar Menor near to CTD. Now we have a big white duck. It was seen inside the military base, just beyond the jetty. It was a large white object apparently on the beach. Binoculars from the depths of the car boot to identified the true identity of the beached item. Was it a bird, was it a plane, no it was a big white DUC. A landing craft . Its wheels could clearly be seen, its unloading doors pointing towards the sky and its cab pointing back towards the water. Does anyone know what it is doing on the Mar Menor. You may not see this Duck fly, but it is certainly a rarity . Happy Duck spotting.

NOT QUITE A BAPTISM OF FIRE.   2017-01-28     Tim Clarke

Friday was a day of firsts for new shoestring member Sean O'Reilly. It was his first outing as a member and he was eager to get out onto the water. The wind quickly picked up and together with Alan Darby was the first crew in 2017 to capsize. Despite the high winds, they made short measure of righting and getting back into the Laser 2000. It was then a priority to get back to CARR before hypothermia set in. Did someone overhear Alan saying something about an initiation ceremony ? Well Sean, welcome to Shoestring. We can guarantee that things will get better.

Minutes for Committee Meeting January 23rd 2017   2017-01-26     Jan Penning

The January committee meeting minutes are now available.
Click here to view the committee meeting minutes.

SAMM 2017 Financial Budget Projection   2016-12-31     Pat Fleck

Hello All,
I hope you have all had a good Christmas and you are looking forward to celebrating the New Year.
FYI the 2017 SAMM Budget Projection Report has been published and you can look at it here but you have to be SIGNED IN to the SAMM website to see the figures.

New Shoestring member Sean O'Reilly   2016-12-14     Pat Fleck

On behalf of Shoestring I would like to welcome our new member, Sean O'Reilly to the group. Sean, I hope you have many pleasurable hours sailing on the mar menor.

How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy   2016-11-05     Brian Murray and Norman Vener

How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy.
Click here to see a video created by Brian Murray and Norman Vener entitled “How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy.”
Brian and Norman are not saying that this is the definitive procedure to follow when rigging a Laser 2000, but they hope that you will find some useful tips to help you when rigging one of our Laser 2000’s.
You can also watch the video from our Tutorials Page at any time by clicking here