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TRES FOR SALE   2018-07-07     Pat Fleck

If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be interested. TRES is for sale at the bargain price of €1495... Contact Jack or John Down or Tim for more details.

Topper Omega Boat   2018-06-25     Jack Moss

Hi All So that you are all fully informed, your Shoestring Committee have decided to purchase a Topper Omega for 3276€ from RS Sailing in UK. The boat has had minimal use and has been stored in suitable storage under cover for the past few years. In essence we are buying a 6 year old boat in virtually new condition for less than half price. Our only problem left to resolve is getting the boat from a Sailing Club in Madrid, to where it is being delivered, to Los Alcazares which should happen mid-July. If anyone can help with a practical solution I would be grateful to hear from you. I wish to acknowledge with thanks the huge effort that Ingo Wilson has put in on our behalf in securing this boat. Thank you Ingo. To find out more about the Topper Topaz Omega, simply Google I hope this is of interest to you. Best wishes and continued happy sailing. Jack

Number 1 on Google Search   2018-05-16     Pat Fleck

Still number one on page one in Google Search

Cartagena Boat Launch and Illegal Moorings   2018-03-01     Pat Fleck (Ingo WIlson)

Three/Four Mar Menor Boat Launches are planned in Cartagena
Click here to read the News Article.

2018 Shoestring Subscriptions   2017-12-08     Pat Fleck (Vernon O'Byrne)

If you cannot open the 2018 subscriptions word document I've posted it to the forum as a PDF doc.
Click here to access the document.

SAMM 2017-18 Financial Reports   2017-12-05     Pat Fleck (Peter Ewers)

SAMM 2017-18 financial reports are now ready. Click here to view the reports.

Dinghy Sailing Training Videos   2017-10-02     Pat Fleck

For those of you who haven't heard. There is a bunch of very good teaching videos on Youtube regarding dinghy sailing.
You can view them here.

How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy   2016-11-05     Brian Murray and Norman Vener

How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy.
Click here to see a video created by Brian Murray and Norman Vener entitled “How to Rig a Shoestring Laser 2000 Dinghy.”
Brian and Norman are not saying that this is the definitive procedure to follow when rigging a Laser 2000, but they hope that you will find some useful tips to help you when rigging one of our Laser 2000’s.
You can also watch the video from our Tutorials Page at any time by clicking here