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Race Day Abandoned: When 2017-06-04. Time 11:00:00

For a full Race Report click this link It's definitely worth a read.

Shoestring AGM: When 2017-05-19. Time 10:30:00

Don't forget that the AGM is being held this Friday at Las Claras starting at 10:30.

Sardine Island Picnic: When 2017-05-09. Time 10:30:00

To those that wish to go on the SAMM Island Sail, the weather forecast looks favourable so meet at CTD at 10.30 to rig the boats and head over to "Sardine Island". Remember to bring a packed lunch, and some suntan lotion!

Sunday Race April 30th 2017: When 2017-04-30. Time 10:00:00

Sunday the 30th was the second day of the racing calendar
Click here for the race report.

Sunday Race: When 2017-04-23. Time 10:00:00

I have just rang Terry to tell him that I have got definite permission to use the Pantalan tower tomorrow for the race. I am going to be the O. D. as Terry unable to do so this weekend, all the other officials have said they will be there. All that is needed is a good turn out so I am putting this out to all Shoestring members asking them to come along and join in. If you've not took part before don't worry the other guys and gals will show you the ropes. The cost is still 6 Euros which covers the two proposed races. We need help to get the Whaly out past what is left of the Boats from the European Junior Championships and inflate the race buoys so any help appreciated. The new launch trolley is alongside the Whaly and we will need to set its rollers etc ready to put the Whaly onto it after the race finishes. See you there John D.

CTD Regatta: When 2017-04-13. Time 09:00:00

Hi each.
I have been informed by CTD that they are hosting a major regatta from April 13 -24 with the actual racing from April 15-22.
As usual CTD will be resiting our boats as on previous occasions. Whilst the slipway may be available it may be the congestion within the yard will make access impractical for anyone wishing to sail.

Bank Holidays for the Murcia Region 2017: When 2017-01-01. Time 00:00:00

Bank Holidays 2017
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